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Your fun friend from products is here with you now in virtual game light and shadows! It is time to help a Grappi daily life! Grappi wants to have happy times in happy place with friends. Just like a you! It is best to make an enjoyment of Grappi if you can make to happiness. He is many friends, and you want to friend, too. Maybe you will Grappi best friend!

Virtual Grappi makes beautiful change from story and products to light and shadow! You will see many colors of Virtual Grappi, with television! It is Grappi in your slave, for the now! Virtual Grappi can be heard now the voice of Grappi in the television with Grappi Song and other song. For the now Grappi is in your home like real! You will enjoy the friendship with Grappi when you can activate a game.

Help Grappi to happy with three things: the teeth, the fun, the vaccine. Do not a Grappi hurt or unhappy! If you abuse Grappi, he will not happy, and you will not win the game. Grappi can not ignored, just like your friend. Friend to Grappi!

Grappi can go to many places. Grappi likes a vacation, but not every place. Some places are very nice. Some places are very bat. We will go to places together! We can find a place for Grappi to enjoy.

Grappi can weather! It is nice to go out in nice weather! Be careful if the thunder is walking! Many weather can a sad or danger thing. Be care full! Do not have danger in the weather.

Grappi can snacks! Grappi likes to snacks. Do you like to snacks? Delicious snacks for Grappi and friends to make a teeth. Hupa!

Grappi can do a many thing! Some times things are very fun. Some times they are not very fun. Grappi likes a fun thing! Clown! Sport! Holy festival day! Do many fun thing with Grappi, so that you can friend! If you best friend to Grappi, he will happily dance in thankful for your friend.

Grappi can visitors! You will see the people you have seen before with Grappi. Grappi knows and behaves like before when visitors. What will you do? How will you find them? It is a Grappi surprise!

Grappi must stay alive! Do not abuse Grappi and make Grappi alive with the best of happy! Grappi will make a show of tremors if it is scary. Help Grappi to not scary but happy! You will be a best friend for sure.

Remember to Virtual Grappi with aged help so that Grappi will have vaccine with you. Do not Virtual Grappi light and shadow in a night room. Do not Virtual Grappi if the light and shadow window is close. You must teeth and eliminate like Grappi. Do not the box of Virtual Grappi outside. Do not the burning. Do not the cold. Do not the liquids. The box is sensitive to this abuse and will not survive.

Enjoy the Virtual Grappi!


Virtual Grappi.exe 8 MB

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